Internationalization.App (formerly is, to put it short, the international memory of the European Digital UniverCity (EDUC). This web-based, GDPR-compatible and non-commercial network of scientists is a versatile and live database. It enables the members of the the alliance to systematically share and exchange information on their international cooperations with one another. Internationalization.App visualizes this data on various filterable and interactive maps, charts, pivot and data-tables in real-time and in numerous combinations.

Our software, for the very first time, gives members a comprehensive overview of all the international activities of the alliance, including joint projects and student- and teacher-exchange agreements. This valuable network information reveals unique insights for data-driven decision-making processes and strategies. Explore the synergies between colleagues and universities and gain new perspectives on advancing the international cooperation of the alliance!

The software belongs to the University of Potsdam and it is developed and maintained by UG on behalf of the University of Potsdam.